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About Us

We are Roots Kendama, a kendama company founded by two brothers in 2013 after a Christmas gift blossomed into a lifestyle. To us, kendama is much more than a "toy" -- kendama offers many benefits from improving hand-eye coordination to teamwork and goals creating new friends.  Our mission focuses on growing the kendama community and spreading our love of kendama through positivity and encouragement among the world -- An image that we strive to maintain throughout the duration of Roots Kendama.

When we first started out, we would order small batches of 100 or so generic kendamas that we had little to do with their design.  This led to constant improvements each batch that we ordered until we finally arrived at our "honed" ken shape that offers optimal durability and performance for players of all skill levels.

Each one of our custom kendamas is hand-painted in house at the Roots Lab by one of the two brothers.  We strive to make the most beautiful and aesthetically pleasing color combinations yet still keep them affordable for all players.


Interaction within the kendama community is something that is of utmost importance for us here at Roots.  We value our customers and hope that they value our service.  For this reason, we will provide the kendama community with plenty of opportunities to get involved.  Be sure to follow us on all of our social media accounts (@RootsKendama) and subscribe to our newsletter to stay posted with the latest contests, sponsorship information, and more!

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